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It is a Monday morning summary of the articles, discussions, and news from the Ruby community. I watch a series of places like Twitter, ruby.social, Reddit, Linkedin, Dev.to, Ruby LibHunt, and other news sources.

The newsletter is curated by @lucianghinda

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Why I created this newsletter

A lot of content about Ruby is shared online, and most remains there. Sharing it on Twitter or any other social media benefits their creators, and they deserve a lot of praise for sharing this valuable content.

At the same time, this content is lost. Probably (and I am doing the same), when sharing such small bits of content on Twitter, we think it is temporary and short-lived. So I want to have a place to store it in a way.

I will do this primarily, but you can follow along if you want. I plan to publish one weekly newsletter, where I gather the best content I can find on Twitter.

Let’s see how it works.

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