Why to subscribe to a paid plan

Make it sustainable

I want to make this newsletter sustainable in the long run and hopefully develop other sections related to it (like, for example, Code Summaries)

What does it mean sustainable:

  1. Pay for its current expenses (from domain name to tools, hardware/software used to create the newsletter)

  2. Pay for expanding the newsletter and making it better. This means playing some collaborators to help me with watching/summarising more channels where content is shared, helping with creating images for the newsletter, and other small tasks. This will make the newsletter less than 100% dependent on me, thus increasing the chances of living longer.

Keep it accessible for everybody.

Secondly, I invite you to pay for the Short Ruby Newsletter to keep the weekly edition free in the long run. That means that a small part of the community will help (by investing in the sustainability of this newsletter) the more extensive community.

What do you get?

You get nothing different in terms of content except the pleasure of knowing that you’re supporting the Short Ruby News to keep publishing the free edition weekly and pay for some of the tools I use to create this newsletter. And, of course, my gratitude for your big gesture!

Of course, if I ever add any affiliate or promotion links/articles, the newsletter that will reach your inbox will not include them. ]

No paying member (including founding members) can intervene in what’s included in the free weekly newsletter. Of course, any subscriber can suggest content at any time, but no special attention is given to suggestions coming from paying subscribers. This is because the value of the free weekly newsletter should rely on curated content.

Founding Members

A founding member is a user that decided to give more than the usual monthly/yearly amount to support this newsletter.

If you choose the Founding Member plan (currently at 160$/year), I will add you to a special section on the About page of this newsletter and link your bio/social media if you want to. Sometimes I will mention you also in the weekly emails :)

Then why do it?

Because you can afford it

You should support this newsletter only if 7.5$ per month or 80$ per year is money you can dispense without thinking about it.

(I updated the pricing from 6.5$ per month to 7.5$ due to a bug in Substack that does not allow me to include tax and VAT in an existing price, so I needed to edit/change the price to allow me to add that)

Because you can expense it

You should also support this newsletter if you can expense the subscription from your company budget. On average, the learning and development budget is not consumed during a year, and one of the best ways to spend it is to support community projects.

I can help you write an email for your manager/leader to expense your subscription from your learning budget, so please reach out to me at hello@shortruby.com

If you want to be a paying subscriber, click on this link:

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